New Technology Organizes Insurance in Minutes


Finally, a true gift of time in insurance!

Enter work comp claim info that’s instantly, and simultaneously, delivered to your carrier, OSHA logs, and a dozen real-time trending reports.

Issue and deliver insurance certificates or auto ID cards in 1-3 minutes.

Access insurance policies, documents, claim details and compliance training modules 24/7 from just about anywhere in the world!

Insurtech has got it wrong!

Consumer priority is not in buying insurance solo online.

That would involve learning insurance.

It would also mean taking responsibility for purchasing insurance that may, or may not, be sufficient to pay a future insurance claim.

Generally speaking, most people aren’t interested in either.

Our clients tell us that the true consumer priority is found in these 3 things…

1.  Ready access to deep insurance and risk management expertise.

2.  A relationship with a high integrity trusted advisor.

3.  24/7 self-service technology (fully backed by live expertise) that saves hours of team member time and empowers desired results.