Take back financial control of your workers compensation

while truly caring for the people on your team.

About CompZone™

CompZone™ was created in 2003 by a group of work comp insurance and claim professionals who became passionate about helping business owners create a loss-free workplace.

Today, CompZone™ has enabled hundreds of employers to realize substantially lower ex-mod ratings and to save millions of premium dollars. Our team is just as proud to have helped ensure that thousands of workers continue to return home at the end of each day as healthy as they were when they arrived at the start of the day.

Most business owners, when challenged with workplace injury claims and increasing work comp premium, do what they have always done…”put it out to bid”, only to find that at some point the bidding process didn’t provide a solution.

The solution lies in understanding that bidding is an external answer for an internal problem. CompZone™ delivers a strategy to internally change how things are done, shift company culture, eliminate injuries, and dramatically reduce the costs of injuries that do occur. A solution that is proven and replicable over time.

We don’t hold on to the “secret sauce”. We give you the recipe. Like any good mentor, we help our clients achieve their safety goals.

Before you go out to bid you will want to set the strategy to reduce the total cost of risk that you are asking insurance carriers to assume for a premium they believe will cover that risk and make them a profit. CompZone™ helps you have a big say in your bottom line total cost of risk.

Any insurance brokerage can bring loss control and claims people – CompZone™ delivers the formula to transform behaviors from the inside-out.

Let’s just do that!