How To Eliminate Expensive Workplace Drama Today!


Workplace drama is incredibly expensive. It’s as wasteful and destructive as lighting millions of $100 bills on fire.

This internally-generated drama destroys EBITDA (the key metric of a business’s market value), and hands our business growth opportunities and profit to our competitors.

So where does workplace drama come from and how do we get rid of it?

Workplace drama is rooted in a lack of “emotional intelligence”… something we all should have learned about in high school but most of us never did.

Emotional intelligence has three components. First, the ability to understand and control our own emotions. Next, to accurately read, and appropriately respond to, the emotions of others. Finally-and this one is truly the gold ring-to be able to partner our emotions with the emotions of others to create amazing outcomes that would not have been possible any other way.

Champions, leaders, and the successful in general, tend to have tremendous emotional intelligence.

But when emotional intelligence is missing at some level in the workplace, drama will emerge.

We can eliminate that drama by establishing and reinforcing some simple workplace “performance agreements.” These agreements are easily understood protocols that align the team and help team members become more effective in working together to achieve organizational goals.

Perhaps you’re wondering what workplace drama has to do with insurance and/or why CompZone is sharing this secret sauce?

Well, here’s why. Workplace drama increases risk and insurance costs. Left unchecked, this drama escalates work comp incidents, results in employment practices claims, and often damages the organization’s brand and reputation.

Having insurance in place to cover a claim is important, but never having the claim, in the first place, is much better!

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